When I conceived of the O-B House a certain set of principles embodied the vision. Those are the principles I grew up with; a wholesomeness that comes with being raised in the middle of the Corn Belt. Iowa farm country, where the 6 a.m. whistle blew every morning from the town center and which typically found my Grandmother already up and cooking the morning meal, meals that were always made from scratch and combined from local ingredients.

At Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House, I strive to use the best ingredients I can find. When possible, our tomatoes come from local growers, as do many of our other ingredients. Our milk is produced in Orlando and brought to us directly from the farm. It is low pasteurized and comes with the cream on top. Our bread is baked just down the street in a shop that uses like principles. Of course I use real butter to cook with, even though it costs five times as much as imitation products.

I buy real maple syrup from Vermont costing over $70 a gallon. I use the highest quality sausage and bacon the market has to offer. I use pure peanut oil to cook your food so that it tastes clean and the true flavor of the food comes through. The beef is grass fed and the eggs are free range, as you can see in the deep yellow hue of the yoke. I use organics when they are available and sensible and I installed a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis system which cost thousands of dollars in which the water for all our glass water, ice systems, coffee systems, and, yes, water for our recipes is dispensed through.

Our prices are higher because I care about the quality of your food. I am not about cutting corners when it comes to ingredients. Our recipe items are made fresh daily and our menu is more intensive as everything is made to order and this means you may have to wait longer. Sure we could change the way we handle your food, but we refuse. To all of our newly committed patrons, thank you for understanding the value of good foods, we hope you recognize the difference quality products make on your plate.