In March of 2020, I found myself wanting to re-imagine what OB House could be in the future, it was a great desire to stay vital, to feel alive & to enjoy what I do. I think something many of my long term guests can relate to. And for those of you who have been long term patrons of OB House, you know the OB House experience is about serving the very best under only the most disciplined preparation practices. That has not changed. We continue to buy only the best ingredients and use only the most meticulous principles to cook your foods. Everything at OB House & Oven Baked Pancake Company is made from scratch. We use Cage-Free Eggs, Organic Flour & we use Organics whenever possible. Our meats are the best and cleanest the market has to offer. Our produce is brought in daily; it is all thoroughly washed, including our tomatoes, which are hand-selected at purchase. Our biscuits are made from scratch using the same techniques that perhaps many of your grandparents and great grandparents used while growing up. We believe you can taste all of this in the foods we cook.

We believe that if you trusted OB House in the past, that you now need to trust us more than ever. So I have made it my number one goal to create an environment that set out to best ensure that TRUST. We have removed our indoor dining as we now believe the indoor intimacy that used to make OB so special no longer works. Your food needs to be prepared in the safest most controlled environment possible, so we expanded our preparation areas into our old dining room and gave our food preparers twice the space to work in. We switched to guest activated mobile-order-mobile-pay to remove an extra layer of interaction in order to make you feel more comfortable coming here. We made all of our products totally portable so that you can either eat them in our NEW & EXPANSIVE OUTDOOR COURTYARD or so that you can now take them HOME, too. Yes, this removes a lot of the old traditions that made the OB experience unique, but we believe the number one reason our guests choose OB is for the FOOD experience we give them.

We hope you will always feel comfortable here and that you can TRUST the NEW OB experience while continuing to build lasting new memories.

Rodney Ely
Founding Owner

How to eat OB? Go online to OBHouse.com and order. Pick up at our Pick up window. Eat here, outside or take OB home.